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8th-Mar-2009 04:19 pm(no subject)
001: padarak

Game restart!
Date: October 17
Location: Mylene's place, while she's still stuck in a celery dungeon :D
Status: Ongoing

[ He's impatient, and since asking for help didn't reveal any Hinamori-shaped puppy, he's followed one Sawada Tsunayoshi for the past few days.

Now that he's found her hiding place, he isn't sure what to do with her. Squatting just outside the window sill is rather strange too, but hey, it's Hitsugaya and it's opened.

So, he starts off by stating the obvious. ]

I found you.
12th-Oct-2008 12:54 am - COMMENT LOG; EVENT QUEST 1
003: the dark lord
Date: October 12th onward, until the completion of the quest.
Location: Grocery turned dungeon again!
Status: Open!

[ The outside is normal. Almost. The exterior of the grocery store is still there but pushing through its roof is what looks like an evil beanstalk. It rises above and even seems to squirm occasionally, glowing in pulses as if following a subtle heartbeat. The purple glow is sickly against the clear blue sky.

If the door is opened all that is met is a wall of vegetation. But feel free to cut the way in! It cuts like celery. ]

[ Once inside you feel a beat, something vibrating from your core. This is level one. It is a maze of cellulose walls with green liquid swimming through the maze. Maybe the next level may be found by following the subtle stream. Too bad there seems to be several, coming in different directions. ]

[ ooc note; THIS IS THE RESCUE POST. Should your character choose to take on this quest please reply here in comment log form. If you are going as a group all characters will reply in one thread. Each group heading in should make a separate thread. Your character may also go in alone.

Mods may jump in at certain points for your entertainment 8D Reach the 5th level and clear the dungeon! ]
12th-Oct-2008 12:45 am - RP LOG; find and rescue~
Characters: Mylene Jenius lovelybomber & Tajima Yuichiro swingbig
Date: Oct. 12
Location: Grocery store turned dungeon!
Rating: uh, G?
Brief summary: Padarak is not as peaceful as everyone thought and the strain of having lost its King begins to show. Two innocents are trapped in a dungeon as the land begins to morph and decay without the presence of its King!
Status: Finished!

A living dungeon.Collapse )
6th-Oct-2008 10:16 pm - [LOG] Enough was enough dammit!
Characters: Gan Ning ganing & Ling Tong recoilimpact
Date: October 5
Location: Ling Tong & Lu Xun's room then hallway.
Rating: PG? There's swearing.
Brief summary: Gan Ning does not like being ignored, so he does something about it. :|
Status: Complete!

Read more...Collapse )
w-w-wa... ;;
Date: some time after this
Location: Outskirts of Padarak!
Status: Open!

[ Viki is pacing around the edge of the town, fluttering restlessly. She's going to go fight monsters! Really...! T-though she wonders if she should wait for other people.

She recalls vaguelly that other people were going to come too and she's never gone out to fight monsters alone so she's a bit uncertain. Nevermind that she can handle herself fine in war battles and she can always just teleport back if things get dangerous. ]

W-wa, I'm gonna go, I will! I-It's a bit strange to go alone though, w-wa... I'll just...wait a bit longer first. S-someone might want to go too.
the perceptive one
Date: Today
Location: By the crystal
Status: Open

[After a hard day of investigating, he is beat, but not willing to give up. Even though he's found no new information, Kanetsugu believes that if he just keeps pushing forward, something good will happen. Life is fair and just, so it will reward him.

But, he is still only human and so he sits down on a nearby bench, removing his helm and leaning back, taking a moment to meditate on everything that's happened to him.]
3rd-Oct-2008 12:59 pm - [comment log]
do not want, Hina!ball, no squishies
Date: sometime after this conversation ;;
Location: The crystal-ish area
Status: Open to everyone. Except HitsuHitsu maybe :/

[She's curled up, reiatsu so low and body so small she might actually be capable of shrinking into the background entirely if it weren't for the fact that she's on edge, trying to keep out of Hitsugaya's way.

...Desperately trying, so much so her grip is practically lethal on Tobiume's sheath. She's paranoid as hell someone's going to try and drag her back to Seireitei, and it shows.]
Date: October 2
Location: Around the streets of Padarak
Status: Open to Anyone ~ But let's keep it one on-going thread if you want to jump in :)

[ He has taken to walking lately, every afternoon, on the streets of Padarak. It doesn't calm him quite like a good hard training exercise does, but it does allow him the time to think, and to just be. He misses his old life, he misses having a dao or a bo staff strapped to his side or his back, and actually having a greater, very clear purpose.

Here, though he believes he does have a purpose, everything looks so peaceful, and Zhou Yu almost wonders why he is here. ]
Date: Today! After this thread.
Location: A room in the inn the Wulings are staying at.
Status: Closed ( Zhou Yu can join the semi kinky fun though...)

[ Since they didn't really bother to make their plan a secret Ling Tong and Lu Xun decide on a speedy strike. Lu Xun has the rope and there's probably a chair in Gan Ning's room. ]

[ Ling Tong doesn't ask where Lu Xun got the rope, Boyan can keep some of his creepier secrets :| ]

[ He looks over at Lu Xun and signals the go ahead with a sharp nod. ]
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